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Save Money on Meat

14 Ways to Cut Your Meat Bill


Are the current meat prices butchering your grocery budget. If so, there's plenty you can do about it. Here are 14 simple ways to save money on meat:

1. Make it Stretch

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Purchase smaller amounts of meat. Then, stretch it with oatmeal, breadcrumbs or another cheap and healthy filler.

2. Grind Your Own Meat

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Instead of buying ground beef, purchase a chuck roast on sale and either grind it yourself or ask the butcher to do it for you. The end product will be the same, but you'll spend far less for it:

3. Buy Reduced Price

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Snatch up packages of meat that have been marked down for quick sale. Then, use them by the date on the package or freeze them for later use:

4. Buy Cheaper Cuts

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Choose more affordably priced choice cuts of beef instead of pricier prime cuts. Then, marinade, tenderize or braise them to frugal perfection.

5. Buy Big

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Family-sized packages of meat usually cost less per pound than smaller packages. So, buy one big package, and divide it into the portions that you need.

6. Enjoy More Meatless Meals

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Aim for at least one meatless dinner a week. Then, increase from there as your family gets used to the idea:

7. Buy Lean Cuts

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Sure those packages of 70% lean ground beef are cheaper than the 96% lean ground beef, but guess what? After the fat cooks away, that lean package will net you more meat for your money.

8. Buy Ends

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Need lunchmeat? Many delis will sell you the lunchmeat ends for far less than the price of a pound of deli meat. Ask, and you may net yourself a real deli deal.

9. Do the Trim Work Yourself

Meats that have been sliced, butterflied, cut into tenderloins or made into patties cost more than meats that haven't; so, buy simple cuts, and do the trim work yourself:

10. Explore Other Sources for Meat

Do some research to find out if there are any butcher shops, farmers or meat lockers in your area that sell meat below the grocery store price:

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