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How to Repair Anything

Repair How-Tos for Home, Auto, Clothes and More




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Repairing your broken belongings is a great way to save money – especially when you do the repair work yourself – so, tap your inner Mr. or Ms. Fix-It, and get going on those repairs!

What do you need to repair today?

Home Repairs

A Squeaky Door Hinge
A Leaky Cartridge Faucet
A Leaky Compression (Washer) Faucet
Squeaky Stairs
Saggy and Sloping Floors
A Small Hole in Drywall
A Large Hole in Drywall
Cracks in Plaster Walls
A Slow Toilet
A Clogged Sink
A Clogged Garbage Disposal
A Clogged Toilet
Small Cracks in Concrete Floors
Large Cracks in Concrete Floors

Outdoor Repairs

Sagging Fence Gates
Brick Wall Mortar
Damaged Vinyl Siding
A Cracked Driveway
A Broken Pane of Glass
A Failed Window Seal
A Leaky Pool or Spa

Auto Repairs

A Punctured Tire
A Dent
A Chipped or Cracked Windshield
Worn Brake Pads
A Blown Fuse
An Air Conditioner that Doesn't Blow Cold
Worn Out Spark Plugs
A Dangling Exhaust Pipe
A Clogged Fuel Filter

Clothing, Jewelry and Shoe Repairs

A Broken Zipper
A Scorched Garment
A Shrunken Wool Sweater
A Ripped Seam
A Hole in Jeans
A Hole in Socks
A Torn Lining
Worn Stitching in Light Leathers and Heavy Fabrics
A Broken Heel
Scuffed Shoes
Stained Suede Shoes

Household Items

Dull Scissors

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