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Cull Lumber


Use Cull Lumber to Save on Your Next Project

Cull Lumber

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Need lumber for an upcoming project, but not keen on paying full price for it? Locate the cull lumber rack at your local hardware store or lumberyard, and see if you can get what you need there.

What is Cull Lumber?

Cull lumber is lumber that has been pulled from inventory because it's damaged in some way. It might be warped; have a split in it; have a chunk missing; or it may simply be the leftovers after they made a cut for another customer. Whatever the reason, cull lumber is cheap, cheap, cheap.

Where to Find Cull Lumber

Look for a rack at the back of the lumber section or near the cutting area. If you don't see one there, ask an associate where it's located.

How to Shop the Cull Rack

Look for wood with damage that would be easy to cut off (or work around). Then, measure to see if there are enough good board feet past the damaged area to meet your needs. When you find something that works, load it into your cart before someone else gets a chance to. Cull lumber moves quickly.

Don't see everything you need? The cull lumber inventory changes daily, so it may be worth checking back tomorrow.


  • Ask an associate what day(s) they get their lumber deliveries. This will generally be the best day to visit the cull rack
  • See a damaged board in the regular inventory? Ask if you can have it at a discount
  • Check the cull rack every time you shop, and build up a stash of discounted 2x4s and other commonly used board sizes, so you never get stuck paying full price for lumber
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