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How to Remove Mineral Deposits from a Showerhead

Clean Calcium and Lime Build Up Off Your Showerhead



How to Clean a Showerhead

Photo &coppy; Erin Huffstetler

Do mineral deposits have your showerhead blocked or looking unsightly? Here's an easy and frugal fix: Just fill a small, plastic bag half full with vinegar; rubber band the bag over your showerhead; and leave it in place for an hour or two. Then, remove the bag; and polish the head with a cloth. Your showerhead will look and function like new!

Tip: This same method can be used to remove mineral deposits from faucets.

Why This Works

The acetic acid in vinegar acts as a solvent – just what you need to fight those hard water stains.

Benefits of Cleaning with Vinegar

  • inexpensive
  • no harsh chemicals or fumes


1) Avoid contact with the eyes

2) Keep out of the reach of children

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