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Save Money on Your Water Bill

35 Ways to Reduce Your Water Usage


Switch to a Low-Flow Shower Head

Low-flow shower heads use 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm); older models use as much as 5.5 gpm. Make the switch and you'll reduce your water bill by 25-60% (US Department of Energy).

Take Shorter Showers

Aim for a five-minute shower. With a low-flow showerhead you'll use 12.5 gallons of water or less. Compare that to 37.5 gallons for a 15-minute shower, and the savings is pretty easy to see.

Shower Instead of Taking Baths

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it takes 35 gallons of water to fill the average bathtub. Switch to a five-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead, and you'll save 22.5 gallons each time you scrub up!

Repair Faucet Leaks

A leaky faucet can waste 1000-2000 gallons of water a year (National Sanitation Foundation).

Install a Faucet Aerator

It screws onto the bottom of your faucet to reduce water flow, without reducing water pressure. Note: If you have a newer faucet, it may already have one built-in.

Turn the Water Off While You Brush/ Shave

Less flow time equals less water used.

Check Toilets for Leaks

According the National Sanitation Foundation, a leaky toilet can waste as much as 500 gallons of water each day! Place a dye tablet (free at home improvement stores) in the toilet tank, and watch to see if the dye seeps into the bowl. If it does, you have a leak that needs to be addressed.

Replace Your Toilet Flapper Once a Year

Toilet flappers break down quickly, and should be replaced once a year – even if they say they're good for longer. A couple dollars spent on a replacement flapper will save you much more on your water bill.

Install an Adjustable Flapper

Several manufacturers now offer flappers that you can adjust to your desired flush volume. According to Niagara Conservation, an adjustable flapper can save up to three gallons per flush.

Install a Fill Cycle Diverter

Save another 1/2 gallon per flush by installing a fill cycle diverter in each of your toilets. This simple add-on costs less than a dollar, and is designed to divert overflow water back to the tank during the fill cycle.
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