1. Money

Lower Your Bills

Paying bills will never be fun, but it can be less painful. Use these tips to lower all of your monthly bills to a more manageable size:

Free Alternatives for Paid Services
Cut your budget down to size by finding free alternatives for the services that you're used to paying for. No sacrifice required.

How to Negotiate Bills
Paying more than you'd like to be? Here's how to negotiate your bills down to your price.

Simple Ways to Save on Air Conditioning Costs
Use these tips to keep your house cool and your summertime electric bills down.

Lower Your Electric Bill
Dial back your electric bill with these energy-saving tips.

How to Save on Heating Costs
Keep your heating bill under control with these money-saving tips.

Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill
Does your monthly cell phone bill send you into shock? It doesn't have to. Here are fourteen ways to save money on your cell phone bill.

Mobile Cramming
Are you a victim of mobile cramming? Find out what it is, so it doesn't cost you money.

Lower Your Phone Bill
Seven ways to cut your phone costs.

Save on Your Water Bills
Find ways to use less water, so you can enjoy a smaller bill.

Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium
Spend less on your auto insurance without sacrificing coverage.

Lower Your Homeowner's Insurance Premium
Eight ways to reduce your homeowner's insurance bill.

Save Money on Newspaper Subscriptions
You could be paying more for your newspaper than you have to. Use these tips to get a better deal.

How to Save Money on Propane
Use these tips to keep your propane costs down.

Save on Heating Oil
Use these tips to keep your heating oil costs to a minimum.

What are You Doing to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill?
Share your best cell phone tips, so others can take advantage of your genius.

Ditch Your Cable
Save $900 or more a year by ditching your cable. Here are lots of free and cheap alternatives.

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