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Pastry Flour Substitute



Pastry Flour Substitute

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If a recipe calls for pastry flour, and you don't have any in your pantry, use one of these pastry flour substitutes in its place:

Best Option: 1/2-cup all-purpose flour combined with 1/2-cup cake flour. This will create a flour with a protein content that is very close to that of pastry flour. If you want a more precise match (and don't mind a bit of measuring), use 3/8-cup all-purpose flour and 5/8-cup cake flour.

Still Good: If you don't have cake flour, use two Tablespoons corn starch, combined with enough all-purpose flour to make a cup. Your baked goods will be a bit tougher (due to the extra protein), but still quite good.

Use either substitute to replace one cup of pastry flour. Double or triple the recipe as needed.

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