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Arrowroot Substitute


Arrowroot Substitute

Arrowroot Substitute

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Arrowroot is an excellent thickening agent, but if you don't have it on hand, one of these substitutes will work:


  • Instant tapioca or cornstarch


Best Option: Replace the arrowroot starch with an equal amount of instant tapioca (Minute Tapioca). Like arrowroot, this substitute holds up to long cooking times and works well in foods that are destined for the freezer. It also gives fruit pies a nice, glossy sheen.

Since tapioca does not fully dissolve when cooked, you may want to grind it into a fine powder before you add it to your recipe. Otherwise you'll have little balls of tapioca in the finished dish. This won't affect flavor, but will change the texture and appearance of your recipe slightly.

In a Pinch: Replace the arrowroot starch with an equal amount of cornstarch. It doesn't hold up as well to long cook times or freezer time, and breaks down in acidic dishes, so expect some differences in the finished product.

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