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Marmalade Recipes

Create fancy marmalades from a few inexpensive ingredients.

Apple-Orange Marmalade
A marmalade recipe made from tart apples and an orange.

Bartlett Pear Orange Marmalade
Turn four pounds of pears into a pear marmalade that you can enjoy all winter long.

Blueberry Marmalade
Blueberries, oranges and lemons combine to make a delicious marmalade.

Carrot Marmalade
Turn a pound of carrots into a batch of carrot marmalade.

Grapefruit Marmalade
Turn two grapefruits into four half pints of grapefruit marmalade.

Green Tomato Marmalade
Have a lot of green tomatoes to use up? Then, make some green tomato marmalade.

Kiwi-Lime Marmalade
A kiwi-lime marmalade made from kiwis, lime juice, lime zest and sugar.

Kumquat Marmalade
Grab some kumquats while they're in season. Then, capture their flavor in a batch of marmalade.

Lemon Marmalade
When you have lemons, you have to make lemon marmalade.

Lime Marmalade
Turn three pounds of limes into 10 pints of lime marmalade.

Onion Marmalade
A five-ingredient recipe for onion marmalade.

Orange Marmalade
A classic recipe for orange marmalade.

Peach Marmalade
A peach marmalade recipe made with peaches, cherries and sugar.

Red Pepper and Ginger Marmalade
Pick some peppers from your garden and make a delicious red pepper marmalade.

Rhubarb Marmalade
A rhubarb marmalade made with orange and lemon.

Roasted Eggplant Marmalade
Create roasted eggplant marmalade from four eggplants.

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