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Money Management

Smart money management is a vital part of the frugal lifestyle. Learn how to take charge of your savings, investments, retirement planning and all other facets of your financial life.
  1. Budgeting (21)
  2. Debt Reduction (15)
  3. Saving (6)
  4. Making Money (30)
  5. Surviving Tough Times (10)

Painless Ways to Cut Your Spending
Cut your costs the painless ways.

Video: Lower Your Cost of Living
Need to make some cut backs to make ends meet? Here are some things that you can start with.

How to Deal with Frugal Burnout
Suffering from a case of frugal burnout? Here's how to push past it:

Organize Your Finances
A step-by-step guide to smarter, more organized money management.

Financial Goals Worksheet
Set financial goals, and take charge of your financial future.

Calculate Your Net Worth
Complete a free networth worksheet, and calculate your current net worth.

Frugal Benefits of Online Banking
Discover the hidden benefits of banking online.

Poll: Do You Bank Online?
Online banks tend to offer better interest rates than traditional brick-and-mortar banks. Have you made the move to online banking?

Frugal Giving
Learn how to donate your glasses, cellphones, computers, hearing aids and ink cartridges to charity.

Poll: How Do You Prefer to Pay for Purchases?
Cash, credit or debit – which do you use to pay for purchases?

New Year's Resolution: Spend Less; Save More
Have you resolved to make this the year that you spend less and save more? Then, start taking steps to make it happen today:

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Catalogs
Tired of being tempted by unwanted catalog mailings? Here's how to get rid of them for good.

Free Tax Filing from the IRS
70 percent of all taxpayers qualify for the IRS' Free File program. Do you?

The Biggest Bargains in a Down Economy
A down economy isn't good for a lot of things, but it is good for finding bargains. Here are four of the biggest bargains to take advantage of when the economy takes a turn for the worse:

Make the Most of Low Interest Rates
Low interest rates can help you save money, make money and get out of debt. Find out how.

How to Become a Millionaire
Use your average guy (or gal) salary to become a millionaire. Here's how.

Improve Your Finances in 2012
Make this your year. Here are 21 ways to improve your finances.

Best Money-Saving App
Nominate your favorite money-saving app for an About.com Reader's Choice Award.

Smart Year-End Money Moves
Here are 12 smart, year-end money moves to make now.

Ways to Save Money While You're Stuck Indoors This Winter
Stuck indoors for the winter? Use the time to save money. Here are lots of things that you can do.

Tax Printables
Here's a worksheet to help you track your tax deductions throughout the year.

Protect Your Bank Accounts from Fraud
Here are the steps you need to take to protect your bank accounts from would-be thieves.

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