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Ways to Save Money While You're Stuck Indoors This Winter


Cooped up indoors for the winter? Here are ways to use the time to save money:

Catch Up On Your Mending

Pull out your sewing kit, and spend some time getting your wardrobe back in shape – sew buttons back on shirts, repair fallen hems; and patch up any rips or holes that are preventing you from wearing something that you love.

Ever tried your hand at darning a sock? Now's a great time to give it a go:

Fill Your Freezer with Meals

Once the warm weather gets here, you won't want to be stuck indoors cooking, so fill your freezer with casseroles and other make-ahead meals that you can just pull out and heat up.

Read Books About Frugal Living

Grab your library card, and go check out a big stack of books about frugal living, homesteading, gardening, canning and any other money-saving topics that interest you. This is the perfect chance to fill your brain with new frugal living tips and tricks.

Master a New Skill

Is there something that you've been dying to try, but never gotten around to? Long winter days were made for tackling such things. Purchase any supplies that you'll need. Then, settle in for a new adventure:

Catch Up on Repairs

Repairs have a way of piling up. Make a list of everything that needs to be fixed around the house. Then, get to it:

Make the Most of Your Internet Connection

Print coupons; request free samples; answer surveys; participate in consumer panels; find new deal blogs to follow; take a free class. You're paying for that Internet connection, so make the most of it.


List the things that you no longer need online; or get a head start on pricing everything for a yard sale in the spring.

Plan This Year's Garden

Sift through all of those seed catalogs as soon as they arrive in the mail, and come up with a plan for this year's garden. Then, get everything ordered, so you can get your seeds started as soon as possible:

Start an Indoor Herb Garden

Fresh herbs are ridiculously expensive at the grocery store. Save some cash and brighten up your days by starting a small indoor herb garden:

Start Planning Your Summer Vacation

Put some thought into where you want to go on summer vacation this year. Then, start mapping out all of the details – what sites you want to see, where you want to stay, how you'll get there, etc. It's fun to think ahead to warmer days, and smart to start your planning early.

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