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Homemade Pet Gifts


Spoil your pet without spoiling your budget. These homemade pet gifts are better than anything you can buy, and lots of fun to make, too:

1. Pet Food Recipes

Dog Food
Photo &copy Flickr user Jordan_Batch

All of the species on Earth agree: when it comes to gifts, a homecooked meal just can't be beat. So, preheat the oven, and get to work on one of these pet-approved dishes:

3. Make Your Own Pet Toys

Homemade Cat Toy
Photo &copy Sarah E. White

Forget about spending a bunch of money on pet toys. You can make your own out of leftover crafting supplies. Just a few bits of fabric and yarn will yield all manner of pet play things.

For Cats:

For Dogs:

For Birds:

4. Pet Clothing How-Tos

Homemade Dog Coat
Photo &copy Debbie Colgrove

Keep your pooch snuggly warm and runway-ready. All of these outfits and accessories are easy to make and will fit better than anything you'll find in stores. Think of it as pet couture, minus the price tag:

5. Pet Blankets and Bedding Patterns

Homemade Pet Bed
Photo &copy Debbie Colgrove

Treat your pet to a perfectly-sized bed and blanket in a fabric that matches your decor:

6. More Homemade Pet Gifts

If you can buy it in a pet store, you can probably make it at home (and do it better for less). Whip up your own pet soap, custom pet dishes and more. It's the frugal way to give your pet the very best:

7. Gifts for Pet Owners

Have a pet lover on your gift list? Snap a few photos of their pet on the sly. Then, use them to create one (or more) of these homemade gifts:

Need to brush up on your photography skills first? These tips should help:

Want to hire a professional photographer instead? Then, these tips are for you:

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