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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Canning



Canning Supplies

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Have a question about canning? Find the answer here:

What do I need to get started canning?
Which foods can be water-bath canned?
Which foods need to be pressure canned?
Which canning methods are considered unsafe?
How do you sterilize canning jars?
When do you need to sterilize canning jars?
What is pectin?
What is headspace?
How much headspace do I need to leave?
How do I know if my jars have sealed properly?
Is it safe to can vegetables without salt?
Is it safe to can fruit without sugar?
Is it safe to reduce the salt in pickles?
Can you use less vinegar in a pickle recipe?
Can you reuse canning lids?
Can you reuse canning jars?
Can you double canning recipes?
Is it safe to reuse grocery store jars for canning?
What is the raw-pack method?
What is the cold-pack method?
What is the hot-pack method?
How do you reprocess unsealed jars?
Do home-canned jars need to be stored with bands?

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