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How to Get Free Seeds


Seeds are cheaper than plants, but you know what's cheaper still? Free seeds. Here's how to get your share:

Request Free Seeds from WinterSown.org

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Forget fancy light table set-ups. Visit WinterSown.org to learn how to start your seeds outdoors in the winter, and they'll send you six free packets of seeds that are appropriate for winter sowing in your area.

To Get Your Seeds: Send a SASE to the address provided on the site.

Swap Seeds Online

Dill Seeds
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Have too many of some seeds and not enough of others? Consider swapping for what you need online. Here are several forums to try:

Sign Up for Gardening Catalogs

Marigold Seeds
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Many of the garden catalog companies offer $25 off of your first order of $25 or more. Snag a couple of these promotional offers, and you should be able to order enough free seeds to plant your entire garden:

Find Local Seed Exchanges

Morning Glory Seeds
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Many garden clubs hold annual seed exchanges. Check with your local garden club to see if they have one coming up.

Host a Seed Swap Party

Pepper Seeds
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Invite some of your gardening buddies to a seed swap party at your house. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon, and a great way to expand your garden on the cheap.

Save Your Own Seeds

Squash Seeds
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Learn how to collect seeds from the plants in your garden, so you can replant them next year:

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