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Reasons to Shop Second-Hand


There are lots of great reasons to shop second-hand. Have you considered all of them?

1. Everything's Cheaper

When you shop at thrift stores, yard sales and other second-hand venues your money goes further – a lot further.

2. Your Money Stays in the Community

Shopping second-hand keeps your money in the community, where it can benefit local businesses and charities.

3. You Get to Experience the Thrill of the Hunt

Scouring flea markets and rummage sales until you find that have-to-have item at an unbeatable price is thrilling in a way that retail shopping could never be.

4. It's Green

Buying used cuts down on manufacturing demands, and keeps more stuff out of the landfill.

5. It's Easier to Spot Quality

Since most of the merchandise that you come across has already been broken in, you can see what's worth buying and what isn't.
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