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Frugal Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Looking for a Valentine's Day gift that won't leave you broke? Give these frugal ideas a try:

A Rose Plant

Cut roses are nice, but they don't last long. Give your sweetie a rose plant instead, and your gift will be enjoyed on Valentine's Day and for many years to come.

An Experience

Sometimes an experience is better than stuff. Sign you and your Valentine up for a cooking class, dance lessons or another shared experience. Rec centers and community colleges have lots of cheap classes to choose from.

Homemade Candy

Forgo the expensive store-bought chocolates in favor of a less costly homemade confection:

Handmade Valentines

Remember how much fun it was to exchange Valentines when you were a kid? It can be just as fun today. Make up a bunch of Valentines for your significant other. Then, find a creative way to deliver them. Extra points if you make a Valentine box to go with them.

A Scrapbook

Gather all the ticket stubs, love letters, special photos and other items that chronicle your relationship, and assemble them in a scrapbook.

A Home-Cooked Dinner

Skip the crowds and the big bill by having your Valentine's dinner at home. Not sure what to serve? Give fondue a try:

A Movie Night

Skip the over-priced movie tickets and concessions, and have a movie night at home instead. Redbox rentals are just $1, and homemade popcorn can cost as little as a few cents to make.

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