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What to Stockpile Due to the Drought


The 2012 drought is expected to have a big impact on 2013 grocery prices. Minimize the damage to your grocery budget by stocking up on these items now:

Corn Products

Why You Should Stock Up: 88% of the U.S. corn crop is located in drought areas.

What to Stockpile:

Corn starch
Any foods that contain corn syrup

Dairy Products

Why You Should Stock Up: Cows are producing less milk due to the current high-temperatures, and the milk they are producing contains less fat and protein than usual (because the heat is causing them to drink more water and eating less food), so it’s going to take a lot more milk to produce products like cheese.

What to Stockpile:

Powdered milk
Powdered buttermilk
Sweetened condensed milk
Evaporated milk

Meat Products

Why You Should Stock Up: Much of the damaged corn crop was supposed to go to animal feed, so meat prices are likely to spike. Many farmers are choosing to send cattle to slaughter, rather than continue to feed them, so there will be a short-term dip in prices (as the market gets flooded with meat) before the increase hits.

What to Stockpile:

Meat (fresh)
Canned meats
Chicken and beef broth

Fruits, Vegetables and Legumes

Why You Should Stock Up: Higher than normal temperatures and below-normal rainfall have slowed plant production, and destroyed many crops.

What to Stockpile:

Fruits (fresh, frozen, canned and dried)
Veggies (fresh, frozen and canned)
Canned/bottled tomato products (sauce, paste, salsa, etc.)
Beans (dried and canned)

Soy Products

Why You Should Stock Up: 87% of the soybean crop is in drought areas.

What to Stockpile:

Soy milk
Soy sauce
Other products containing soy

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