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How to Store Green Onions/Scallions



How to Store Green Onions

Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Do your green onions turn limp and slimy before you're able to use them? There's a simple fix for that. Just use one of these methods to store green onions, and they'll last days longer:

Option 1:

Place your green onions in a jar, and fill with an inch or two of water (just enough to cover the roots). Then, place the jar on the windowsill in your kitchen. Your onions will not only stay fresh, but continue to grow. Change or add water every couple days, as needed.

Option 2:

Place your green onions in a jar with a bit of water (just like option 1). Then, cover them with a plastic bag, and store them in the refrigerator. Replace the water every couple days.

Option 3:

Wrap your green onions in a slightly damp paper towel. Then, place them inside a plastic bag or storage container. Remoisten the paper towel, if it dries out; replace it, if it because too wet.

Don't be too quick to toss those past-their-prime onions! If you cut off the last inch of each onion (the white part with the roots) and plant it, you'll end up with a fresh supply of green onions. Really!

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