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Cheap Souvenir Ideas


Tired of spending a fortune on souvenirs? Check out these cheap souvenir ideas:

A Pressed Penny

Pressed pennies are the ultimate cheap souvenir. For 51 cents you can imprint a penny with a design that represents the place that you're visiting. I got my kids started on these, and it has just about eliminated all requests for pricey souvenirs.

Tip: Order a pressed penny book to keep all of your coins together.

Dollar Store/Discount Store Loot

If you just have to have a t-shirt or a mug with the name of the city or landmark that you're visiting, head to the nearest dollar or discount store. They'll usually have a selection of area-specific souvenirs.

Something You'd Buy Anyway

In the market for a new purse, shoes, sunglasses? Make your purchase while you're away, and you'll be reminded of your travels every time you use the item.

Second-Hand Treasures

Search thrift stores, flea markets and antique stores in the locale that you're visiting for things that you need, as well as anything that catches your eye. Many of my favorite things have been acquired this way.


Who says you have to spend money to come home with souvenirs? Gather up interesting freebies from the places that you visit – restaurant napkins, brochures, maps, matchbooks, etc. – and you'll have enough stuff to fill a scrapbook or a shoe box.

Found Objects

Visiting a beach, park or somewhere else outdoorsy? Collect shells, rocks, soil or another nature-made trinket to remind you of your trip. Just make sure there aren't any rules that prohibit you from doing so.

Local Foods

Every locale has it's special foods and drinks. Find out what those are for the area that you're visiting, and bring some home to sample.
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