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Make an Edible Arrangement


Want to give someone an edible arrangement, but turned off by the price? Here's how to make your own:

A Candy Kiss Rose Bud

Candy Kiss Rose Bud
Photo © Sherri Osborn

Turn two chocolate kisses into a stunning rose bud that's almost too pretty to eat.

A Crocheted Candy Arrangement

Crocheted Candy Arrangement
Photo © Amy Solovay

Know how to crochet? Then, stitch up a crocheted cover for a vase, and create this show-stopping candy arrangement.

A Love Pop Bouquet

Love Pops
Photo © Elizabeth LaBau

Give the gift of brownie love. Inside each love pop, there's a delicious brownie just waiting to be discovered. Yum!

A Chocolate Lolliop Bouquet

Marbled Chocolate Heart Pops
Photo © Elizabeth LaBau

A big bouquet of chocolate lollipops is sure to please anyone. Just pick up a heart-shaped lollipop mold, and you're in business.

Also Try:

A Cookie Bouquet

Cookie Bouquet
Photo © Flickr user spazzgirl555

Slide skewers into piping hot cookies, and you've got cookie pops – perfect for creating a giant cookie bouquet.

Note: For the best results, choose a recipe for a hard cookie.

A Cake Pop Arrangement

Cake Pops
Photo © Flickr user byebluemonday

If you decide to make a cake pop arrangement, you'd better get a picture of it, because it won't be around for long. Those little balls of cake deliciousness are nearly impossible to resist.

More Cake Pop Recipes:

A Fruit Arrangement

Fruit Arrangement
Photo © Flickr user jay.tong

Grab some wooden skewers, a melon baller and a flower-shaped cookie cutter, and create a fabulous fruit arrangement.

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