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Romantic Homemade Gifts


A romantic gift comes from the heart, not the store. Impress your guy or gal with one of these romantic homemade gifts:

1. Massage Bars

Candlelit bubble bath
Comstock Images/ Stockbyte/ Getty Images

A massage is a nice gift. A massage with a homemade massage bar is an unforgettable gift.

2. An Edible Bouquet

Love Pops
Photo &copy Elizabeth LaBau
Tempt your loved one's eyes and taste buds with an edible flower arrangement.

3. A Love Letter

Handmade Envelopes
Photo &copy Erin Huffstetler

Pour out your heart in a love letter. Then, seal it up in a gorgeous homemade envelope, and give it to your sweetie.

4. A Small Gift in a Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box
Photo &copy Elizabeth LaBau

Wrap a small gift inside of an edible chocolate box, and you're sure to earn a smooch (maybe even two).

5. Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath
Photo &copy Flickr user Cyron

Make up a batch of bubble bath (super easy), and enjoy a bubble bath for two.

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