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When to Buy

Getting the best price is all about knowing when to buy. Read on to learn when various products go on sale:
  1. Appliances (3)
  2. Clothes & Shoes (6)
  3. Housewares (3)
  4. Home Furnishings (2)
  5. Lawn and Garden Items (3)
  6. Best Deals by Month (12)

The Best Time to Buy Everything
Want to get the best deal on everything that you buy? It all starts with knowing when to shop. Heres a month-by-month guide to the biggest bargains:

Best Time to Buy 2011 Calendar
Print out a copy of the 2011 "Best Time to Buy" calendar, and you'll always know when to shop for the things that you need.

The Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner
To get an air conditioner at a deep discount, the best time to buy is ...

The Best Time to Buy Chocolate
Stock up on chocolate when it's at its cheapest, and you could save 75% or more.

The Best Time to Buy Gift Cards
If you want to get more for your money, the best time to buy gift cards is ...

Best Time to Stock Up on Frozen Foods
If you need to restock your freezer, the best time to buy frozen foods is ...

The Best Time to Buy Tires
Need to replace your tires soon? Time your purchase right, and you could save big.

The Best Time to Buy Tools
Save hundreds on tools by shopping at the right time.

The Best Time to Buy a TV
Time your TV purchase just right, and get it at a steal.

Holiday Markdown Schedule
Like to shop those after-holiday sales? Then, it pays to know the markdown schedule.

End of Season Sales
Buy these items during the end of season sales, and save big.

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