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These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Buttermilk Substitute
No need to buy buttermilk. This simple substitute works just as well, and it only takes five minutes to make.
How to Test If Eggs Are Still Good
Have a carton of eggs that have passed their use-by date? Here's how to tell if they are still good:
Ran Out of Heavy Cream? Try This Instead
Need heavy cream for a recipe? Here's a great stand-in.
Cheap and Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants
Six proven home remedies for ants.
How to Make Your Own Buttermilk
Once you see how easy it is to make buttermilk, you'll want to make your own everytime. Here's how:
Cream of Tartar Substitute
If you don't have cream of tartar in your pantry, use this instead substitute...
5 Websites That Will Pay You to Take Surveys
Interested in getting paid to take surveys, but not sure which companies you can trust? Here are the ones that I recommend (and use):
Why You Don't Actually Need to Buy Castor Sugar...
Have a recipes that calls for castor sugar? Here's how to make it yourself.
Vanilla Extract Substitute
Need a good vanilla extract substitute? Try one of these.
Learn How to Soften Your Hard Brown Sugar
Has your brown sugar turned into a hard, useless mass? Here's how to make it useable again.
How to Remove Laundry Stains with Vinegar
How to remove 16 of your toughest laundry stains with vinegar.
Budget Calculator -Monthly Budget Calculator
Use our budget calculator to tweak your monthly budget until you get it right.
How to Make Money Taking Online Surveys
Learn the ins and outs of taking online surveys, and add to your income.
The Beginner's Guide to Couponing
Learn the ins and outs of couponing.
Build Your Own Budget With Our Printable...
Take the pain out of creating a budget with this free budget worksheet.
How to Naturally Get Rid of Roaches
Want to kill roaches naturally and affordably? Here's the answer!
How to Make Your Own Self-Rising Flour
Self-rising flour is a cinch to make. Learn how, and you'll never buy it again.
Make Some Extra Money with These Tips
Here are 16 ways to earn extra money without getting another job.
8 Ways You Can Score Free Amazon Gift Cards
Want to shop for free on Amazon? Here are eight ways to get free Amazon gift cards:
11 Ways You Can Start Living the Frugal Life
Ease into the frugal life with these ten tips.
Save Money and Cabinet Space with This Allspice...
Use spices you already have to create a good substitute for allspice.
Save Some Bucks with These Homemade Fertilizer...
Four homemade fertilzer recipes to make and try.
Test the Acidity of Your Soil Without a Pricey...
Find out if your soil is acidic or alkaline without a pricey test kit.
Make Your Own Baking Powder with 3 Ingredients
Discover how easy it is to make your own baking powder.
Next Time You're Out of Cumin, Try This...
If you don't have any cumin, one of these three substitutes should do the trick.
Save Yourself Big Bucks with These Homemade...
Keep your carpets clean with two homemade carpet cleaning products: a cleaning solution for steam machines and a spot remover.
Make Half and Half Substitute with This Simple...
A two-ingredient substitution for half and half.
How to Sell Used Books for the Most Cash
Sell your used books for maximium profit each and every time with the help of this simple trick.
Try This Easy Italian Seasoning Recipe
Make your own Italian seasoning using spices that you already have on hand.
Crackle.com: Watch Free Movies and TV Shows...
Ditch your cable TV and video subscription, and watch free shows and movies on Crackle. You'll enjoy all the savings, without any of the sacrifice.
2 Ways to Substitute Light Corn Syrup
If you're out of light corn syrup – or just don't like using it – one of these substitutes will do the trick.
Your Washing Machine Needs Cleaning, Too, and...
Five steps to a cleaner and fresher-smelling washing machine. Includes instructions for top-loaders and front-loaders.
Whip Up a Cardamom Substitute with This Handy...
When you don't have cardamom on hand, use this simple cardamom substitute instead.
Ran Out of Coriander? Try One of These...
No coriander in your spice rack? Use one of these substitutes in its place.
How to Regrow Your Groceries
Spend less at the grocery store by regrowing some of your groceries. Here's how.
How to Freeze Mushrooms
Stock up on mushrooms when they're in season (and cheap). Then, freeze them until you're ready to use them. Here's how.
Out of Molasses? Here's How to Make a DIY...
Looking for a molasses substitute? Here are five.
Where to Sell Your Unwanted Stuff for Cash
Find out who's willing to pay you the most for your used stuff.
Looking to Unload Used Clothes? Here's Where to...
Clean out your closets and earn some extra cash. Here's where to sell used clothes for the most coin:
The Best Time to Buy Everything
Here's a month-by-month guide to the best time to buy everything.
Fight Pests and Save Cash with This Homemade...
Keep the fleas off your pup for pennies a week.
Restore the Look of Copper and Brass with This...
Clean all the copper and brass around your home quickly and inexpensively with this trick.
Home Remedies That Get Rid of Moths
Use these proven home remedies to get rid of clothing moths.
Save Some Dough with These Homemade Rust...
Zap rust without zapping your hard-earned dollars.
Organize Your Finances with These Free...
Ready to frugalize your home and your finances? Use these free printables to create a household notebook with everything that you need to get the job done.
Out of Brown Sugar? Here's How to Make a Simple...
Use this stand in when you don't have any brown sugar on hand.
With These Recipes, You, Too, Can Make Your Own...
Recipes for ricotta, mozzarella, mascarpone and other cheeses.
Avoid Overspending on Food with These Free Meal...
Find the perfect meal planner for you. Three printable versions to choose from.
If You've Got 5 Minutes, You Can Make Your Own...
Need brown sugar for a recipe? Make your own, and save a trip to the store.
Save Money with This Evaporated Milk Substitute
No need to pay a premium for those little cans of evaporated milk. You can make your own in two minutes or less.
One Way to Save Money? Learn the Difference...
Learn how to tell distinguish between needs and wants, and you'll spend less.
Herbs that Grow in the Shade
Want to add an herb garden to your shady yard? Here are 16 herbs that will grow in the shade.
Save Money with This Chemical-Free, Homemade...
Are your stainless steel appliances covered in fingerprints? Here's how to clean them on the cheap.
All Out of Bread Flour? Here's How to Whip Up a...
Have a recipe that calls for bread flour? If you don't have any on hand, use this substitute.
Is It Safe to Eat Freezer Burned Food?
Freezer burned food isn't pretty, but is it safe to eat? Here's the answer.
Keep Clean and Save Cash with This DIY Liquid...
An easy recipe for liquid hand soap.
An Overview of Businesses That Offer Senior...
Loads of senior discounts for the taking.
Got Fruit Flies? Try This Cheap and Simple DIY...
Rid your home of fruit flies with a simple, homemade trap.
Your Month-by-Month Guide to the Cheapest...
A guide to when all of your favorite fruits and vegetables are in season--and cheapest.
17 Shade-Tolerant Garden Vegetables
Have a shady yard, but still want to grow vegetables? Try these veggies.
Out of Balsamic Vinegar? Mix Up a Substitute in...
Need balsamic vinegar for a recipe? Use this simple substitute instead.
Save While You Scrub By Using These Homemade...
Recipes for seven homemade car cleaners.
Kick That Athlete's Foot to the Curb with This...
Get rid of athlete's foot quickly with this low-cost remedy.
Hey, Bargain Hunters, Here's a List of Goodwill...
Addresses for all of the Goodwill Outlet Store locations.
Wondering How to Clean Your Cast Iron Cookware?
A guide to proper cast iron cleaning and maintenance.
Your Guide to Creating a Frugal Budget
Create a frugal budget to match your frugal lifestyle.
Wait, You Can Really Sell Your Hair for Cash?
Have long hair and need to raise some extra cash? Selling your hair could be the answer. Find out more.
Uses for Ham Bones
Don't toss that leftover ham bone! It can be put to good use in one of these scrumptious soup recipes.
Use Vinegar as a Natural Weed Killer
Learn how to kill weeds without killing your budget.
Homemade Glass Cleaner
Make your own glass cleaner, and get streak-free windows for less.
Believe It Or Not, There's a Bunch of Things...
Have a bunch of overripe bananas taking up space in your fruit bowl? Here are some great ways to use them up.
Make Versatile, Flavorful Vegetable Broth with...
Learn how to make your own vegetable broth, and you'll never have to buy it again.
What Is Hulu.com?
Seen commercials for Hulu, but not sure what it is? Here's the answer.
Here's a Bunch of Great Recipes to Use Up the...
Have leftover sour cream? Here are ways to use it up.
Perennial Foods
A list of perennial herbs, vegetables, fruits and legumes. Plant your garden once and you'll save time and money.
Where You Can Sell Your Movie Collection
Interested in thinning out your movie collection? Here's where to sell those used movies for maximum profit.
Save Money By Substituting Dried Herbs for...
Follow this simple ratio to substitute dried herbs for fresh, and your recipe will come out perfect every time.
How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths
Use these tips to get rid of a pantry moth infestation quickly.
Save Money with This Homemade Fruit and...
A recipe for fruit and vegetable wash.
Substitute Cake Flour with This Simple Recipe
An effective stand-in for cake flour made from two pantry staples.
Check Out All These DIY Uses for Vinegar
Vinegar-based recipes for cleaners, health and beauty products, pet supplies and more.
Enjoy Crisp Collars on the Cheap with This DIY...
Make your own spray starch, and enjoy crisp collars and pleats on the cheap.
What's This Mystery Shopping Thing You've Been...
All about mystery shopping. Frugal Living.
Make Your Bananas Last Longer with This Tip
Need to do something with those ripe bananas? Here's how to freeze them.
Making Your Own Butter Is Easier Than You Think
Make your own butter and buttermilk at home.
Nutmeg Substitute
All out of nutmeg? Use one of these substitutes as a fill in.
Use This Recipe to Create Your Own Furniture...
Two recipes for homemade furniture polish.
Save a Few Bucks with This Homemade Wallpaper...
A frugal substitute for those expensive wallpaper removers.
Out of Tomato Sauce? Try This Substitute
Out of tomato sauce? Grab a can of tomato paste from your pantry, and whip up a quick substitute. No trip to the store required.
Save Money with These Natural, Homemade...
Vinegar-based cleaner recipes for use in the kitchen, bathroom and everywhere in between.
How to Make a Wasp Trap
Follow these steps to make a wasp trap out of a soda bottle. Page 4.
8 Great Ways to Save Money on Household Expenses
Does your household budget need a trim? Consider these seven sources for savings.
Best Places to Sell Used Cell Phones
Have a pile of old cell phones laying around? Get them out of your house, and earn some cash in the process.
Bay Leaf Substitute
When you need a bay leaf substitute, grab this spice from your spice rack.
Simple Ways to Save: Did You Know You Can...
Learn the proper way to freeze bread, so you can stock up when it goes on sale or get ahead on your baking.
Easy Ways to Save a lot of Money on Movie Tickets
Cheap movie tickets are easier to come by then you may think. Here are 10 ways to save on movie tickets.
Here's a Great List of Stores Offering Layaway...
Find out which stores are offering layaway this year.
Did You Know You Can Turn Old Crayons Into New...
Turn crayon stubs into colorful new crayons.
Next Time You're Out of Lemon Juice, Try This...
Need a splash of lemon juice for a recipe? Save yourself some cash, and give this substitute a try.
Track Where Your Money Goes with This Monthly...
Track where your money is going with this free printable worksheet.
Use Up Buttermilk
Have some leftover buttermilk that you need to use up? One of these recipes should do the trick:
Try This Easy, Homemade Poultry Seasoning Blend
Make your own poultry seasoning from spices you already have.
9 Places to Find Free Trees, Shrubs and Flowers
Discover nine sources for free plants.
Learn to Make All-Purpose Cleaner Using Water...
Make your own all-purpose cleaner, and enjoy a cleaner home for less.
Extend the Life of Your Fruits and Veggies with...
Learn how to dry your own fruits and vegetables, and enjoy tasty produce year-round.
Mace Substitute
Have a recipe that calls for mace? Use one of these substitutes, and avoid adding another spice to your cupboard.
Save Money On Your Grocery Bill with These Easy...
13 tried-and-true grocery savings strategies.
Amish Market Locations
Find an Amish market near you, and discover a new source for grocery savings.
Microwave Oven Cleaning Made Easy
Clean your microwave without all of the elbow grease and cleaners.
How to Store Mushrooms
Store fresh mushrooms the right way, and they'll last up to a week. Here's how.
How to Refinance an Auto Loan
Save money and pay off your car faster by refinancing your auto loan. Here's how (and it's lots easier than you may think).
The Many Ways You Can Save Money on Amazon
Eleven ways to save big on Amazon. Do you know them all?
Make Delicious, Homemade Kettle Corn with Only...
Enjoy kettle corn without the carnival price.
Enjoy Tasty Steaks for Less Cash with This...
Transform cheap cuts of meat into tender and juicy cuts with one simple trick.
Can Honey Go Bad?
Wondering if your honey is still good? Here's the answer.
A 6 Step Plan for Lowering Your Credit Card...
Stop paying credit card companies more than you have to. Here's how to get them to lower your interest rate.
How to Remove Mineral Deposits from a Showerhead
Get rid of the calcium and lime build up on your showerhead for pennies.
How To Make Your Own Foaming Hand Soap
Have you purchased one of the new foaming hand soap dispensers? Learn how to make your own frugal refills.
Out of Sage? Here's 5 Substitutes
When you find yourself out of sage, use one of these substitutes.
How To Make Powdered Sugar (Confectioner's Sugar)
Out of powdered sugar, or just want to make your own? Here's how.
9 Great Ways to Grab Free Gift Cards
Stretch your budget with free gift cards. They're easier to get than you might think.
Yeast Substitute
Out of yeast or turned off by the price? Here's a simple yeast substitute to try.
How to Store Green Onions/Scallions
Here's how to store green onions/scallions to keep them fresh longer.
Best Paid Survey Sites in Canada
There are lots of Canadian paid survey sites, but how do you know which ones you can trust? Start with this list of legitimate sites.
How to Make Garlic Salt
Pull garlic powder and salt from your pantry, and use it to make your own garlic salt in under a minute.
How to Clean Blinds
Remove the dust from your blinds with this cheap trick.
Pastry Flour Substitute
Have a recipe that calls for pastry flour? Here are two good pastry flour substitutes.
Check Out All These Cleaning Projects You Can...
Quick and easy cleaner recipes made from vinegar, baking soda, borax and other frugal faves.
How to Get Coupons for Free Products
Coupons are good, but coupons for free products are better. Here's how to snag your share:
Restaurants That Offer Free Meals and Treats...
A list of restaurants where you can dine free on your birthday.
Out of Cornstarch? Here's How to Whip Up a...
Out of cornstarch? Use one of these cornstarch substitutes to thicken your gravy, sauce, pie or pudding.
How To Season Cast Iron Cookware
Season your cast iron to non-stick perfection.
Top 6 Super Cheap Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Give Mom a great Mother's Day gift without the great expense.
Homemade Marble Cleaner
Make your own marble cleaner for a clean that doesn't cost a lot.
How to Keep An Old Car Running Smoothly
Treat your high-mileage vehicle right, and it will treat you right. Here's a maintenance checklist to help you get your high-mileage vehicle well past the 100,000 mark.
Vinegar Conditioner
Switch to vinegar for your hair conditioner, and enjoy healthier hair for less. Here's how.
Lower Your Electric Bill
Kiss that big electric bill good-bye.
Planting a Garden? Print This Free Square Foot...
Use this free, printable garden notebook to organize all of your garden plans and records.
Cocktail Sauce Recipe
A basic, three-ingredient recipe for cocktail sauce that you can customize to your tastes.
Cell Phone Coupons
Not a fan of clipping coupons? Then, have them sent to your cell phone instead. Here's are several sources of mobile coupons:
Ground Ginger Substitute
Out of ground ginger? Here are a few substitutes to try.
Budget Using The Envelope System
Take control of your spending with the envelope budgeting system.
Dried Bean Measurements and Conversions
Not sure how to measure dried beans? Here are some helpful conversions.
Cut Your Spending Painlessly
Cut your costs the painless way.
The Best Way to Store Potatoes
Tired of tossing rotten potatoes? Learn how to store them properly.
Rid Your Pets of Pests with This Homemade Flea...
Kill and repel fleas with this simple flea bath recipe
Semolina Flour Substitute
Working on a pasta recipe that calls for semolina flour? Here's a good substitute, if you don't have it.
The Best Way to Store Fresh Ginger
Looking for a way to keep ginger fresh longer? Try freezing it. Here's how.
When a Recipe Calls for White Wine (but You...
Want to leave the white wine out of a recipe? Just grab one of these substitutes from your fridge or pantry.

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