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Readers Respond: What's your trick for getting more coupons?

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From the article: How to Get More Coupons
Have you happened upon a great way to get more coupons? We'd love to hear about it.

A great coupon site in Canada

I registered with save.ca in Canada. You point and click on the coupons you want, and in a week you get them in the mail. I aksi shop with my credit card that has rewards or points, and apply my grocery budget straight back to the card to avoid interest. I then redeem my points for gas or groceries. Last year we saved over 700.00 in groceries doing this.
—Guest Dab


At Kroger if you get 750 in points, you can get 50 cents off a gallon of gas for up to 30 gallons per fill up, which if you do it right, is $60 worth of free gas a month. I get my 750 points every month; and NO, I do not spend that much, because I also use my coupons.
—Guest Regina Estes

I have several ways to get more coupons

1. People sell them on Ebay 2. Coupon Exchange Website 3 Print them online www.write2us.net/browse-coupons
—Guest Kathy

Couping Sharing

My mother-in-law clips coupons she doesn't us but knows we use, and mails them with a sweet note. We do the same for her, and it has proven to be very beneficial to both of us.
—Guest Austin

ask your friends

Some of the ladies from my church bring in the coupons that we don't need from that week's paper and we trade. I also have a couple of pen pals that I coupon swap with. I'm sure there's probably a website to help you find a swap buddy.

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