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Readers Respond: How to Do You Make Line-Drying Indoors Work?

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Do you line-dry your clothes indoors during the winter months or year-round? Tell us what you do to make it work.


I live in an apt complex so have to pay $1.50 each to wash and dry one load. I was looking for ways to cut expenses so purchased two inexpensive drying racks a few weeks ago. I hang up shirts from the shower curtain rod and everything else goes on the drying racks. In the winter months I use a space heater to help dry the clothes. In warmer months even my jeans are dry in a matter of hours. Cut my laundry bill in half!!
—Guest Martha


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—Guest avery

Line-drying indoors

I line-dry undergarments indoors and all laundry in the winter. In the winter, I hang clothes on hangers on my shower curtain rod and I have a rack for other items. With the furnace on, everything drys overnight. During the other months, I hang undergarments on the rack in my laundry room. They also dry nicely overnight.
—Guest Dottie

Year round Line-Drying Indoors

I have been drying indoors for over a year now with great success...even my sheets! I use a closet rod in a large doorway and hang everything possible from hangers and skirt hangers. I have a spin dryer which really helps remove excess moisture and then, here is my trick! I place a small fan on the floor under the drying laundry, turn it on, and in a couple hours everything is nice and dry. Sheets folded in half or quarters also dry quickly this way and pillow cases folded and hung on skirt hangers......Happy Drying, Everyone!!

air drying

I air dry most of my work clothes to make them look newer longer and keep their shape. I don't have a drying line so I do my laundry in the evening before going to bed and hang my clothes everywhere there is a spot - over shower doors, kitchen chairs, back of sofa even... by morning they are pretty much dry and no one was inconvenienced by the drying clothing.
—Guest Ann

Indoor line drying

I use a dehumidifier, too. Much cheaper to run than a dryer and better for indoor environment.
—Guest SusieQ

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