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Readers Respond: Have you tried Angel Food Ministries? What do you think of it?

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From the article: Angel Food Ministries
Angel Food Ministries – it seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate. Tell us what you think of the program.

Angel Food Columbus, OH Was Good

I can't believe they did away with Angel Food Ministries food program. Here in Columbus we didn't have a problem with the boxes and the food was just like you shopped at the grocery store - no difference. I was very pleased with this program and am missing it now because things are not as good as they are portraying on TV right now - Obama is not making things better and a lot of people are hurting and this was, and still would be, a great needed program for Columbus, OH. People are still poor here and I know they are still poor all around the US still!!


Angel Food Ministries shut down on September 22, 2011. It broke my heart. I had been using AF for a couple years and not having it now is a real hardship. Unfortunately, the government seems to think that Angel Food Ministries must be doing something wrong to be so big. I just pray when the investigation is done and AF is proven to be the above-board organization it is, they will be able to begin operations again.
—Guest Wendy

It is a blessing

I live on my Social Security check, and my husband and I were able to eat good foods . It helps so many families.
—Guest mary noland

For some areas this is another option

In and near some communities where AngelFood had distributions in MN, WI, MI and IL, SHARE can be another option. Please take a look at the website at www.sharewi.org or call 800-548-2124

Just my Luck

I was told of Angel Food Ministries in Aug '2011, today I went to order and a message was posted ....in short no longer operating. What will we do now???

Constantly Missing or Substituted Items

I've been a customer a long time and I buy a lot. As late as August 2011, all ten (10) boxes (No Child Goes Without) went without. Total missing: 20 cans of tuna, 40 fruit cups. All ten Just for Me missing 20 mini corn dogs. Substitution made for corn dogs only. As for me, I'm going back to Sam's or Costco's.
—Guest Terri

not good

I ordered 2 boxes over the phone when I went to pick the boxes up I was told my order didn't get placed but I would be given a box that I didn't order at no charge sounds good - problem it took almost 5 days and many phone calls for me to get my money back overall wasnt worth it
—Guest christine76

What happened?

We have been buying the signature box for several years now; very happy with it. So sorry to see the change this month/Aug. 2011--no milk, eggs or dessert!
—Guest Skeezix

Quality is lousy

My daughter and I used to get Angelfood plus the additional packages. Over time, the quality of the meat changed. I have a freezer full of Angelfood NewYorks, ribeyes and assorted other meats that are disgusting and have rancid tallow taste. I'm so disappointed! What happened? No one will eat it.
—Guest Lonnie Kazer

over priced cheap food

The food quality is extremely poor; frozen veggies are frost bitten; fresh fruit is very poor quality; and forget about the plastic tube meat. Everything else is fried food it seems like. I am very poor -- no job -- but i get get better food at Walmart and local discount stores -- 99 cent store, grocery outlet, even Save Mart
—Guest not happy sacramento

Have we been scammed?

I ordered the last two months from Pomerene food bank, and loved the quality of the vegetables; so this month I ordered $105 worth to see if it would last me a month. I paid the $150, and only received one-third of what I ordered -- only half of the bountiful box, and did not receive the April special I DID NOT RECEIVE OVER $70 WORTH OF FOOD i ORDERED. NOW i HAVE NO WAY TO BUY FOR THE REST OF MONTH.
—Guest merrelyn hughes


I am new to AFM, but very pleased with the quality and convenience of ordering. We are also living on Soc. Sec. and have solved the problem of getting quality food at affordable prices. It has really been a blessing.
—Guest Elizabeth Bifulco

I am so pleased to be so blessed.

At a time in our lives when we were living off of chicken salad and jello at least 4 times a week, I was so happy to come in contact with AFM. The volunteers at the church at which we get our boxes of food are all cordial and definitely not obtrusive. After buying for almost a year, I thank God for the Christian family that started this program to help those who were having trouble making ends meet. I have been seeing more and more people I know, some of whom are from all economic classes, when I go to pick up my food. For those who are not satisfied with the quality of everything that they get, may I suggest that you give these things to others. You may find neighbors, a homeless shelter, or a food pantry that would be so happy to get extra food. May I state that some of the vegetables, especially the snow peas and carrots, far excel some of the vegetables that I have bought at the store
—Guest Flora


Have not used AFM--was checking it out, reading blogs, etc. Then I clicked on the menu for January 2011--I can tell you by perusing the menu I can do better by shopping at the grocery store for saving money.
—Guest Candy

It's all about the blessing

AF is a great deal - I comparison shopped and what I pay $41 to AF for would cost me $66 locally. My church became a Host Site and I have seen a few people almost in tears, grateful for the savings and food. In fact, several people spend their entire food buget on AF. The people who use food stamps seem especially thankful. It's funny - rich people buy, poor people buy and everyone in between. My church is trying to reach the local impoverished areas and the Hispanic community. I am humbled by how people are being blessed by this ministry. My church doesn't make any money from AF (even runs in the red a little from expenses), but I hope they continue it there forever! My wife and I have been buying AF for two years. There is a great variety and the menu changes monthly. I especially like the steaks! I thank God for Pastor Wingo, his family, his church and his outreach, Angel Food Ministries!
—Guest SteveC-FL

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