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Readers Respond: How Do You Use the Extra Checks?

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Five-Friday months mean an extra paycheck for everyone who's paid weekly. Tell us how you use the extra cash. Share Your Answer

3rd paycheck

My husband's paid bi-weekly so it's 3rd paycheck. This year we're getting our kids school clothes and supplies with the extra $$$. We'll save any extra for Christmas.
—Guest Jennie

Extra Paychecks

I get paid normally every 2 weeks, so once in the spring and once in the fall, I get an extra payday, which I plan how to use ahead of time to pay off debts or save. This month, I have paid off one medical bill, put away more in savings, and made extra payments on the credit card.
—Guest crazyliblady

Eat Regularly and Live indoors

We live paycheck to paycheck most of the time so we just pay bills, buy food, and provide shelter for our family
—Guest Mary

5th paycheck

Hi. I use one for our local vacation in fall, and one for Christmas.
—Guest Sherri

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How Do You Use the Extra Checks?

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