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Readers Respond: How Do You Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls?

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  • From the article: Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls
    Have you found a great use for toilet paper rolls? Wow us with your cleverness. Share Your Tip

    Use for toilet paper rolls

    Use paper toilet rolls to store your small appliance cords. Just fold the cords and insert into the roll.

    Eyeglass Protector

    A standing toilet paper roll is the perfect protector for your glasses.
    —Guest Susie

    Flower pots

    I use the toilet roll tubes in seed trays and use them as individual pots, which can be planted directly into the ground without removing the pots
    —Guest Mdnghtrvn

    Napkin Rings

    Cut toilet paper rolls into four; decorate; and use as napkin rings.
    —Guest joyce miles

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    How Do You Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls?

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