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Readers Respond: What Do You Reuse in Your Garden?

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You can spend loads on your garden or almost nothing at all. Tell us what you reuse in your garden to keep costs down. Share Your Answer

Items Reused in the Garden

Compost is the ultimate reuse. I also use cedar logs from fallen trees to line some of my raised beds, old cattle panels arched across the beds for a trellis, crushed egg shells to protect some plants from cutworms, spent coffee grounds around my tomatoes and collected rain water from our roof to an underground cistern for 100% of our garden irrigation. Rainwater collection was the subject of a recent blog post on www.taylormaderanch.com/blog including pictures & procedures. ~TMR~
—Guest Taylor-Made Ranch

what do I re use in my garden?

I sweep up all the leaves that fall in my back town house garden and put them in my front veggie patch. Also have a small compost and a worm bin...
—Guest Joanne

coffee grounds

Starbucks sets out bags of used coffee grounds for customers to take to fertilize their garden. Good for tomatoes and smells good, too.
—Guest Dana

egg shells

if having a cutworm problem I put broken egg shells at the base of plants. It hurts them to crawl on and I bet it is good for the dirt too.
—Guest slouise

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What Do You Reuse in Your Garden?

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