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Readers Respond: Your Best Financial Advice

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If you could only share one piece of financial advice what would it be? This is your chance to be the expert.

think before you buy

It's so simple, but I truly believe you should think, think and then think again about every purchase you make. You might think of another or new way to do something that doesn't require you to spend money.

Financial Advice

Know your spending habits-it's difficult to plan cut-backs if you don't know where your downfalls are! I agree with Terry...learn the difference between needs and wants. Which includes my last point; do we really need to make every call/sms we make? Cellphones are a huge money guzzler. Consider a prepaid plan as they are generally cheaper, and you can budget upfront for the month with no hidden costs and the ability to adapt your plan on a monthly basis depending on your circumstances. Tracfone and subsidiaries are still one of the cheapest options available on the market.
—Guest Laura F

3 Financial Tips I gave DD

1. Live below your means no matter what it is. 2. Pay with cash. If you can't pay with cash do without or find additional income. 3. Always save something. It can be $5.00 a week or $500.00 a month always have savings.
—Guest Bizeegal

Free way to make a Keurig lid for K-cups

The coffee machine at work is a Keurig and I love coffee, but I was spending too much on those small cups, so I made a lid out of a small spice container. Much cheaper than buying the $15 (or more) after-market design. A video how-to is at https://mail.cal-mum.org/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNL-L_XooA8%26feature=youtube_gdata_player
—Guest Kyle L.

best financial advice

Live below your means; cook from scratch; learn the difference between needs and wants; use it up...wear it out...do without.
—Guest Terry

Financial Advice

Spend less than you earn. Keep track of your income and spending.
—Guest Valerie T

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