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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Budget Calculator
Create a Budget Using the Frugal Living Budget Calculator

Get your finances back on track with a new budget. This budget calculator makes it easy to tweak your numbers until you land on something that works. And the best part: It'll do all the math for you.

Directions: Input your monthly income and expenses into the fields below. (If a category doesn't pertain to you, just leave it blank.) Then, when you're done, click on the "calculate" button to total your numbers. A positive number indicates a budget surplus; a negative number indicates a budget deficit. Rework your numbers until you're happy with the results.

Monthly Budget Calculator

Housing (mortgage/rent):
Utilities (gas/electric/water/garbage):
Phone (landline and cell phones):
TV (cable or satellite/movie subscriptions):
Food (groceries and eating out):
Family Expenses (day care/tuition/activities/child support/alimony):
Personal Care (hair cuts/toiletries/clothing):
Pets (food/vet/grooming):
Entertainment (books and mags/movies/hobbies):
Insurance (car/home/life/disability/health/dental):
Debt Repayment (credit cards/car loans/home equity/student loans):
Property Tax (if not included in mortgage):
Emergency Fund:
Retirement Savings:
College Savings:
Savings Towards a Goal (buy a house or car/go on vacation):
Gifts/Charitable Donations (including tithes):
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