1. Money

Affordable Transportation

Affordable transportation does exist! Discover ways to save on gas, car maintenance, commuting and travel.

How to Get Free Gas
Here are six ways to fill your gas tank for free.

Ways to Use Less Gas (That Go Beyond the Obvious)
Tired of hearing the same gas-saving tips over and over again? Here are some new ways to use less gas:

How to Get More MPG Out of Your Car
You don't need a new car to get better mileage. Here's how to squeeze more mpg out of your current ride:

Save Money on Tires
Getting low on tread? Use these tips to save money on tires.

How to Save on Car Repairs
Tackling your own car repair? Leaving it to your mechanic? Either way, here are ways to save on your next repair bill.

How to Find a Good Mechanic
Use these tips to find a good mechanic who will do right by you and your car.

High Mileage Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
Treat your high-mileage vehicle right, and it will treat you right. Here's a maintenance checklist to help you get your high-mileage vehicle well...

Ways to Save Gas While Traveling
Use these tips to save gas on your next road trip.

Fuel Cost Calculator
Use this tool to figure out how much you need to budget for your next road trip.

How to Change Your Own Oil
Learn how to change your own oil, and skip the quick lube.

Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium
Eleven ways to reduce your auto insurance bill.

Homemade Car Cleaning Products
A clean car needn't clean out your wallet. Here are a bunch of car cleaner recipes for you to try:

Ways to Save on Car Rentals
Here are 10 tricks to save on your next car rental.

5 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself
Save a few dollars by tackling these maintenance tasks yourself.

Keep Your Car Running Forever
Twelve tips to help you get your car to 150,000 miles and beyond.

Used Auto Parts That Are Always a Good Idea
Trying to save money on a car repair? The following used parts are okay to use.

How to Get a Great Deal on an Auto Loan
Six tricks to help you get the best deal on a car loan.

When Buying Used Auto Parts Doesn't Save
A list of auto parts that you should never buy used.

How to Maintain Your Car Battery
Learn how to prolong the life of your car's battery.

How to Beat a Traffic Ticket
Tips to help you walk away without a ticket. A video guide.

Car Sharing Networks
Join a car sharing network, and skip the hassle and expense of owning a car.

Find a Carpool
Use this database to find or start a carpool in your area.

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