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Bargain shopping – it's a frugalite's dream. Learn how to coupon, rebate, clearance shop and second-hand shop your way to the best deals.
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  2. Coupons (29)
  3. Rebates (6)
  4. Freebies (17)
  5. Save More at Your Favorite Stores (20)
  6. When to Buy (46)
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Best Time to Buy 2010 Calendar
Print out a copy of the 2010 "Best Time to Buy" calendar, and you'll always know when to shop for the things that you need.

Buying Ahead
Buying ahead can save you big bucks. Here are items that you should be shopping for now.

How to Make Your Own Sale
Forget about waiting for a sale. These days you can make your own sale. Here's how.

Buy Gift Cards for Less
Get the gift cards you want at less than face value. Here's how.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards from Plastic Jungle
Have gift cards that you want to sell? Interested in buying gift cards on the cheap? Then, you need to check out Plastic Jungle.

Save on Shipping
Pay full price for shipping? Not a chance! Use these tips to save big on shipping.

How to Negotiate Medical Bills
Have a monster-size medical bill? Negotiate it down to a more manageable size. Here's how.

Earn Rewards for Recycling
If you recycle, you deserve to be rewarded. Fortunately, lots of companies agree. Here's how to earn rewards for recycling:

Become a Mystery Shopper
Learn the ins and outs of mystery shopping.

Test Your Bargain Shopping Know-How
Think you're the ultimate bargain shopper? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

Purchase Half-Price Restaurant Certificates from Radio and TV Stations
Want to cut your restaurant spending in half? Then, it's time to tune in to your local radio and tv stations.

Save Money with Groupon
Learn how to get half off gift certificates for your favorite local businesses.

Save Money with an Entertainment Book
Get the scoop on Entertainment Book and learn how to maximize its value.

How to Save Money on a New HVAC System
Need to replace your HVAC system? Follow a few simple steps, and you could save thousands on your replacement costs.

Do You Use Rain Checks?
Do you request rain checks when sale items are out of stock?

Poll: Are You a Curb Shopper?
Curb shopping can be a lot of fun. Are you a part of the club?

Top Frugal Kitchen Gadgets and Tools
17 kitchen gadget that are actually worth owning.

Save on Back to School Clothes
Use these tips to save on school clothes.

How to Save Money on Back to School Supplies
Use these six tricks to save on your kids' school supplies.

How to Make the Most of Tax-free Shopping Days
Learn how to turn tax-free shopping days into bargain shopping days.

Save Money on Newspaper Subscriptions
Your neighbor could be paying half what you're paying for the newspaper. Use these tips to save more on your subscription:

Save Money on Postage
Tired of spending too much to mail things? Use these tips to save money on postage:

Best Daily Deal Site
Nominate your favorite daily deal site for an About.com Reader's Choice Award.

The Best Time to Buy Tires
Need to replace your tires soon? Time your purchase right, and you could save big.

Best Deal Blog
Nominate your favorite deal blog for an About.com Reader's Choice Award.

Military Discount Directory
A giant list of military discounts for active and retired personnel, reservists, Veterans, National Guardsmen and their dependents.

Measurements Frugal People Need to Know
A knowledgeable consumer is a smart consumer. Commit these measurements to memory, so you always know what you're getting.

The Best Time to Buy a TV
Time your TV purchase just right, and get it at a steal.

The Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner
To get an air conditioner at a deep discount, the best time to buy is ...

Save Money in April
Spring has sprung, and so have the deals. Take advantage of these opporunities to save in April.

The Best Time to Buy a Swimsuit
Swimwear starts showing up in stores as early as February, but if you're after a great deal, the time to buy your next swimsuit is ...

Best Time to Stock Up on Frozen Foods
If you need to restock your freezer, the best time to buy frozen foods is ...

Buy and Sell Discounted Gift Cards through Gift Card Granny
Stretch your budget by buying and selling gift cards through Gift Card Granny.

Student Discount Directory
Grab all the student discounts that you're entitled to. Here are clothing stores, movie theaters and other businesses that want to hook you up.

Save Money in January
Take advantage of these savings opportunities, and save more in January.

The Best Time to Buy a Refrigerator
For a sweet deal on a new refrigerator, the best time to buy is ...

The Best Time to Buy Furniture
In the market for some new furniture? For the best deal, buy in ...

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