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Save Money on Postage


Tired of spending too much to mail things? Use these tips to save money on postage:

1. Stock Up on Forever Stamps

A first-class stamp sold for 25 cents in 1988, now in 2011 that same stamp sells for 44 cents. Want to lock in today's rate before it goes up again? Just buy a bunch of Forever Stamps, and you won't have to pay more for stamps until your stash runs out.

2. Buy Your Postage Online

Weigh your package. Then, jump on USPS.com to print out a label with the necessary postage. It'll save you a trip to the post office and up to 15% off of the regular postage rates.

3. Don't Procrastinate

Put off mailing something, and you'll pay more to get it there on time – lots more. For the biggest savings, aim to send most of your stuff third-class (it may be slow, but it's cheap).

4. Flat-Rate It

Need to mail something heavy? Before you pay for shipping by the pound, check to see if a flat-rate envelope or box might be a cheaper option (you can stick up to 70 pounds in one box):

5. Use Post Cards

Post cards cost less to send than a letter, and they're fun to receive. Keep some on hand, and use them when you can.

6. Limit Your Outgoing Mail

With an Internet connection you can pay bills and keep up with friends, so save your stamps for those must-send-mail times, and focus on getting your money's worth out of that Internet connection.

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