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Frugal beauty and health care is all about looking and feeling your best on a budget. Explore our library of beauty tips, preventive care, first aid and health insurance advice for the information that you need to shine on a dime.
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Save Money on Haircuts
Saving money on haircuts doesn't have to mean going shaggy. Here are several strategies to help you reduce the cost of your haircuts:

Sell Your Hair for Cash
Planning to cut your hair? Learn how to make some cash in the process.

Personal Care Products: How Much Should You Use?
Constantly running out of shampoo and toothpaste? It may be a sign that you're using more than you need to. Find out how much product experts say you should be using. Then, adjust your usage to capture the savings.

Frugal Exercise
Have you resolved to make this the year that you get in shape? Then, check out these frugal exercise ideas:

Make Your Own Herbal Cough Drops
Learn how to use herbs from your garden to make cough drops.

Acne Home Remedy
Treat acne for pennies a day.

Sunburn Home Remedy
No need to suffer through a sunburn. Here's the perfect frugal fix.

Home Remedy for Athlete's Foot
Get rid of athlete's foot quickly with this low-cost remedy.

How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer
A simple trick to keep your nails polished and chip-free for longer.

Stretch the Life of Your Makeup
Use these tips to get every last bit out of your makeup.

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