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Frugal Exercise

Cheap Ways to Get in Shape


Have you resolved to make this the year that you get in shape? Then, check out these frugal exercise ideas:

1. Use Self Check-Out at Stores

Using self check-out is often faster than waiting on a cashier, and it's better for you, too. Scan and bag your own groceries, and you'll squeeze more exercise into your day.

2. Check Out Exercise DVDs from the Library

If your library has a video collection, exercise videos are probably a part of it. Check out a different exercise DVD  each week, and you'll never get bored with your fitness routine. Have Netflix, Amazon Prime or another streaming service? Then, check to see what exercise programs are available to you.

3. Take Steps Instead of the Elevator

There's a reason you've heard this tip before: it works. So skip the elevator and head for those stairs.

4. Clean Your House

Cleaning your house isn't work; it's exercise. Get out those cleaning supplies; then, scrub and vacuum your way to a more fit you. The pay off: A 150-pound person can expect to burn 216 calories with 30 minutes of housework.

5. Find an Online Support Group

Weight loss programs offer valuable support, but the price of joining can be a bit prohibitive. The solution? Join a free online support group. You can even use the Frugal Health & Weight Loss forum here at Frugal Living.

6. Walk Away the Pounds

Lace up your sneakers and get those feet in gear. Walking is the ultimate in free exercise.

7. Find an Exercise Program on TV

Turn time in front of the TV into workout time by following along with one of the many exercise programs on TV. Even public television has exercise programs, so lack of cable is no excuse!

8. Take Advantage of Parks and Rec Programs

Check with your area Parks and Rec to find out what programs they have to offer. This could range from low-cost exercise and wellness classes to free gym access. It definitely pays to make a call.

9. Utilize Walking Trails and Parks

Make the most of your tax dollars by utilizing area park facilities and walking trails. Like to golf? You may even be able to track down a free public golf course.

10. Turn on Some Music and Dance

Grab your favorite tunes, and get your body in motion. Dancing is great exercise – and it doesn't cost a dime.
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