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Homemade Gift Wrap Ideas

Make Your Own Gift Wrap


Let the stores keep their pricey gift wrap. You can make your own gift wrap for a fraction of the price.

Gift Bags

Homemade Gift Bag
Kate Pullen
Forget about those $5 gift bags that the stores sell. You can create your own gift bags for the price of a few pieces of paper.

Gift Boxes

Homemade Gift Boxes
Kate Pullen

Fold your way to homemade gift boxes in any size, shape and color that you need.

More Gift Box Templates:

Shirt Boxes

Homemade Shirt Box
Erin Huffstetler
Make your own shirt boxes out of empty cereal boxes. Once assembled they look just like store-bought shirt boxes

Knitted Gift Bags

Knit Gift Bag
Sarah White
Like to knit? These knit gift bags are the perfect project to use up your yarn leftovers.

Fabric Bottle Bag

Bottle Bag
Photo &copy Flickr user Le_Petit_Poulailler
Jazz up a bottle of wine with a fabric bottle bag. You can even use scraps from your fabric stash!

Gift Totes

Erin Huffstetler
Wrap your presents in tote bags made from t-shirts, and the bag will become a part of the gift.

Sweater Bags

Sweater Bag
Erin Huffstetler
Snatch up some colorful sweaters from a thrift store, and transform them into one-of-a-kind sweater bags to wrap your gifts in.
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