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Hide Stains on Clothing


Have a stain on your favorite outfit that won't wash out? Here are some clever ways to hide it.

Color It In

Fabric Markers
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Use a fabric marker to color in an offending bleach spot or to draw a doodle over a stubborn stain.

Spray It Away

Spray Painted Shirt
Photo &copy Rain Blanken

Pick up a bottle of fabric spray paint and a stencil, and create a fun, new design over the stained area.

Add an Iron On

Iron On Transfer
Photo &copy Flickr user L._Marie

Search the web for interesting clip art. Then, print your pick out on a piece of iron on transfer paper, and apply it directly over the stained area. It's the perfect cover up for any size spot!

Remove the Stained Part

finished skirt
Erin Huffstetler

Cut off that offending stain, and rework your clothing into something new and fabulous:

Patch It

Photo &copy Flickr user Sarah_Jones
Stitch on a colorful patch, and no one will ever know there's a stain lurking beneath it.

Bleach It

Bleached T-Shirt
Photo &copy Flickr user shastaread
Looking for an easy fix for a bleach spot? Try more bleach. You can use a bleach pen or a small brush dipped in bleach to create an original design on any dark-colored fabric.

Tye Dye It

Tye Dye
Photo &copy Flickr user psd

Grab a couple packages of dye and some rubber bands, and tye dye that stain away.

Cover It with a Button or Brooch

Photo &copy Flickr user Jim_Linwood
Slap a button or a brooch over that spot, and you'll have a fix that you can update whenever the mood strikes.
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