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Clothing doesn't have to be a major expense. Learn how to spend less and make your clothes last longer.
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  2. Clothing Repairs (6)
  3. Making Clothes (6)

Make Shoes Last Longer
Care and maintenance tips to extend the life of your shoes.

Shoe Polish Recipe
Make a top-rate shoe polish from things you already have at home.

How to Spot Quality Clothing
Tired of clothes that only hold up to one season of wear? Use these tips to spot quality clothing that you'll want to hang on to for years.

Save Money on Back to School Clothes
Short on cash, and looking for ways to save on back-to-school clothes? Here are several strategies to try:

Used Clothing Shopping Tips
Learn how to get great new-to-you clothes at a great-for-your-wallet price.

8 Budget Tips for Plus-Sized Women
Seven tips to help get rave-worthy deals on clothes.

Cheap Sources for Prom Dresses
Learn where to score a great prom dress at a great price.

7 Secrets of Highy-Successful Sales Shoppers
Learn what it takes to be the person who nabs the biggest clothing bargains.

How to Make Suits Last Longer
Care and storage tips to extend the life of your suits.

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