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Dryer Max Dryer Balls: Product Review

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Dryer Max Dryer Balls: Product Review

Dryer balls can cut drying time and save you money.

Erin Huffstetler

The Bottom Line

Dryer Max Dryer balls are a great buy for those looking to cut energy costs or move away from chemical fabric softeners.


  • Reduce drying time.
  • Fluff and soften clothes without the use of chemical fabric softeners.
  • Reusable and long-lasting.
  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • Add to the noise of drying clothes.
  • Can get stuck in the arms or legs of clothing.
  • Static-cling can be a problem in the winter.


  • Made of PVC plastic.
  • Last 2-5 years, and up to 1,000 loads.
  • Carry a two-year money-back guarantee

Guide Review - Dryer Max Dryer Balls: Product Review

Dryer Max Dryer Balls are a money-saving product that actually lives up to the hype. Made of PVC plastic, these spiny balls take the place of liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets. Just toss the balls into the dryer with your clothes, and they’ll fluff and separate your clothing to reduce drying time and soften your clothes. Available in stores, on TV and on the Internet, dryer balls require an average investment of around $10.00. Calculate what you typically spend for a two-year’s supply of fabric softener, and the savings is quite substantial. Well worth adding to your laundry routine.

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