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What is Coupon Overage?


Question: What is Coupon Overage?


Coupon overage is when the value of a coupon exceeds the purchase price of the item.

If, for example, you have a coupon for $1.50 off of bar soap, and you find that particular brand of soap on sale for $.99, the 51-cent difference would be considered overage. Most stores will simply adjust the value of the coupon to make it match the purchase price (meaning your coupon will ring up as $.99 and you'll get the item free); but some stores, like Walmart, will apply that overage to other items that you're purchasing or give you cash back. If you can find a store in your area that lets you keep the overage, it's a great way to pay for things that you may not have coupons for (think: meat, produce, milk, etc.).

To make overage a regular part of your savings strategy:

  • Look for high-value coupons that do not require you to buy a specific size product. Then, use them to buy the trial-size
  • Stack coupons with sales to drive down the price of items
  • Keep an eye out for opportunities to use coupons on clearance items
  • Follow blogs that post match-ups and overage deals for the stores that you shop at


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