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Uses for Old Jeans

5 Things You Can Make Out of Worn Out Jeans


Have a pair or 20 of too-worn-to-wear jeans? Then, you're in luck! Here's are several fun and functional things that you can make out of them:

Denim Pocket Quilt

Drying pair of blue jeans on clothesline
Steve Cicero/ Photolibrary/ Getty Images
Recycle your old jeans into a denim quilt that will keep you snuggly warm and fashionably cool all winter long.

Denim Pocket Purse

Denim Pocket Purse
Erin Huffstetler
The back pockets are often the prettiest part of a pair of jeans, sporting intricate embroidery and sometimes even delicate sequins and beads. Use them to create a denim pocket purse; and you can continue to enjoy them, long after holey knees put your jeans out of commission.

Jean Skirt

Jean Skirt
Erin Huffstetler
Have your jeans worn out before you were ready to give them up? Then, turn them into a cool, new jean skirt, and you won't have to take them out of rotation.

Denim Booty Bag

Denim Booty Bag
Rain Blanken
Need a big bag to carry all of your stuff around? Then, turn the top portion of an old pair of jeans into a denim booty bag, and you'll have room to spare.

Denim Yoga Bag

Denim Yoga Bag
Erin Huffstetler
Transform a seldom-worn pair of jeans into a stylish yoga bag to tote your mat to and from class.
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