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DIYers know that a little handy-work can lead to big savings. Explore our library of frugal recipes, home repair and maintenance tips, homemade cleaner recipes, craft and gift suggestions, and reuse/recycling projects; and put your do-it-yourself skills to the test.
  1. Frugal Recipes
  2. Make Your Own Cleaners
  3. Make Your Own Health & Beauty Products
  1. Home Repairs and Maintenance
  2. Crafts and Gifts
  3. Reuse/Recycle Projects

Frugal Recipes

Recipe Box

Frugal recipes can be good to your budget and your waistline. Cook your way through our collection of simple, healthy meals that cook up fast.

Make Your Own Cleaners

Spray Bottle

Frugal cleaning tips and recipes to help you clean your home without a lot of expense or chemicals.

Make Your Own Health & Beauty Products


Recipes for all those must-have health and beauty products.

Home Repairs and Maintenance


A well maintained home is a frugal home. Learn how to handle basic – and not so basic – home repairs and maintenance on your own.

Crafts and Gifts

Pin Cushion

Frugal craft and gift ideas to keep your fingers busy and your wallet happy.

Reuse/Recycle Projects

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Turn old into new with these clever and frugal reuse/recycling projects.

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