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Featured Reader Profiles

Read about how other Frugal Living readers live, and pick up some new money-saving tips in the process.

Featured Reader: Sharon, GA
Sharon talks auction bargains, credit card rewards and early mortgage payoffs.

Featured Reader: Denise, MD
Denise reveals her favorite source for bargain clothing, groceries and more.

Featured Reader: Nancy, MA
Nancy shares simple ways to save on utilities.

Featured Reader: Sarah, LA
Sarah reflects on how dumpster diving, home-cooked meals and good health insurance save her money.

Featured Reader: Jan, SC
Jan tells how she saves with change jars, recycling and consigning.

Featured Reader: Donna, MO
Donna shares her best tips for buying in bulk, shopping at auctions and saving electricity.

Featured Reader: Dee, SC
Dee tells how Angel Food Ministries and Walmart help her save.

Featured Reader: Sue, IN
Sue tells how she gets everything from kitchen cabinets to firewood for free.

Featured Reader: Adriana, FL
Adriana talks swap parties and saving change.

Featured Reader: Anna, MO
Anna shares her best advice on getting free food and saving on laundry.

Featured Reader: Cynthia, IL
Cynthia talks dumpster diving, frugal dates and going carless.

Featured Reader: Clyde, TN
Clyde shares how he saves on his water bill and his phone bill.

Featured Reader: Cynthia, SC
Cynthia offers up great ideas for free entertainment and talks life without credit cards.

Featured Reader: Beth, PA
Beth talks couponing, stockpiling and free iPod downloads.

Featured Reader: Rhea, AZ
Rhea from Arizona reveals how she paid off her mortgage early and how she gets stores to pay her to shop.

Featured Reader: Kimberly, GA
Kimberly from Georgia shares her best ideas for cheap entertaining and grocery savings.

Featured Reader: Brenda, Alberta, CA
Brenda tells how Canadians can get more coupons and talks about making the most of senior discounts.

Featured Reader: James, IL
James talks Internet bargains, homemade laundry detergent and free entertainment.

Featured Reader: Lynn, CO
Lynn shares her best tips for avoiding shopping temptation.

Featured Reader: Rachel, WA
Rachel from Washington shares her secret source for cheap organic shampoo and toiletries.

Featured Reader: Frank, NC
Frank from North Carolina shares tips on cutting energy bills and shopping for the best deals.

Featured Reader: Anna, MA
Anna from Massachusetts shares her tips for shopping less and buying just what she needs.

Featured Reader: Julie, IL
Julie from Illinois talks thrift store bargains and penny pinching.

Featured Reader: Melissa, IN
Melissa from Indiana shares her tips for finding bargains at auctions and flea markets.

Featured Reader: Carolyn, AR
Carolyn from Arkansas shares her tricks for stretching groceries and cutting down on time in the kitchen.

Featured Reader: Sheila, NY
Sheila from New York shares a clever use for junk mail, and tells how she saves on postage.

Featured Reader: Julianne, VA
Julianne dishes on how she cuts costs by curb shopping and shopping online.

Featured Reader: Beverly, CA
Beverly from California tells how she saves money by using things up and shopping from home.

Featured Reader: Dayna, MO
Dayna from Missouri reveals her favorite bargain sources and tells how the envelope system helps her family.

Featured Reader: Lynn, TN
Lynn from Tennessee talks yard sale bargains and change jars.

Featured Reader: Jennifer, MD
Jennifer from Maryland shares her tips for stretching what she has.

Featured Reader: Rebecca, NC
Rebecca from North Carolina dishes on her knack for turning trash into treasure.

Featured Reader: Vickie, IL
Vickie from Illinois shares her strategies for getting more coupons and cheaper groceries.

Featured Reader: Susan, NY
Susan from New York shares her tips for finding cheap clothes and grocery bargains.

Featured Reader: Sonja, LA
Sonja from Louisiana reveals how she saves money by shopping second-hand and preparing her own foods.

Featured Reader: Molly, KY
Molly tells how she saves money by eating simply and minimizing trips to the store.

Featured Reader: Karen, MN
Karen from Minnesota shares her tips for finding freebies and appliances that last.

Featured Reader: Betty, AR
Betty from Arkansas shares her budget-stretching prowess.

Featured Reader: Ellen, CA
Ellen shares some of her best bargain-hunting tips.

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Featured Reader: Faith, SC
Faith from South Carolina shares her best money-saving tips.

Featured Reader: Sharon, KY
Sharon reveals her best cost-cutting strategies.

Featured Reader: Sue, WA
Sue from Washington shares her frugal know-how.

Featured Reader: Christine, KS
Christine from Kansas shares her best money-saving tips.

Featured Reader: Bev, KS
Bev reveals her two biggest bargains and her best grocery-savings tip.

Featured Reader: Pat MA
Pat talks avoiding food waste, cooking from scratch and water conservation.

Featured Reader: Joyce, TN
Joyce tells how she saves money by accepting others discards and using up her leftovers.

Featured Reader: Brenda, BC
Brenda shares a great tip for cutting your grocery spending, and reveals her favorite source for cheap work clothes.

Featured Reader: Lisa, AZ
Lisa from Arizona talks keeping Christmas simple and dumpster diving.

Featured Reader: Jamie, NC
Jamie reveals how she got a nearly-new car for half price, and tells she saves on her utility bills.

Featured Reader: Linda, GA
Linda shares her creative solution for spending less of body wash, and reveals a great tip for trimming your grocery bill.

Featured Reader: Lois, CO
Lois reveals how she uses alternative energy sources to keep her spending down.

Featured Reader: Patty, TN
Patty shares a simple – but vital – tip for spending less.

Featured Reader: Shelley, ID
Shelley tells how she keeps her grocery bill down to $150 a month.

Featured Reader: Helen, Toronto, Ontario
Helen tells how going without a cell phone, walking to work and sewing saves her money.

Featured Reader: Carol, NJ
Carol talks corralling carts for quarters, extra income and mortgage pay offs.

Featured Reader: Lisa, AZ
Lisa shares her favorite source for freebies, and talks about the benefits of raising chickens.

Featured Reader: Jackie, Saskatchewan, CA
Jackie, our Frugal Living forum moderator, offers a glimpse into her daily life.

Featured Reader: Rachael, PA
Rachael talks cooking at home and creative Christmas shopping.

Featured Reader: Janet, Suffolk, England
Janet shares her best tips for saving money on clothes and reducing your water bill.

Featured Reader: Kaaran, CO
Kaaran shares a great tip for saving on hand soap and tells how she gets CDs for less.

Featured Reader: Erin, PA
A PA reader shares her best tip for extending the life of shoes, and tells how she keeps her electric bill low.

Featured Reader: Geneva, AL
Geneva tells how candles and swapping saves her money.

Featured Reader: Joy, MS
Joy talks curb shopping, and shares her secret source for extra coupon inserts.

Featured Reader: Mary, NE
Mary shares new uses for shampoo and discusses the importance of meal planning.

Featured Reader: Paula, Ontario, CA
Paula shares a strategy for cutting down on food waste and tells how she keeps her heating bill low.

Featured Reader: Melissa, GA
Melissa shares her thoughts on credit cards, and tells how she forces herself to save.

Featured Reader: Marcia, ME
Marcia tells how she uses surplus stores and bag lunches to save.

Featured Reader: Seana, MI
Seana shares a new use for cooking water and bread bags.

Featured Reader: Jackie, TX
Jackie shares her secret for using less electricity and getting food for less.

Featured Reader: Dott, Ontario, CA
Dott shares her source for top-quality second-hand goods and cheap groceries.

Featured Reader: Linda, CA
Linda tells how she satisfies her shopping urges on the cheap and keeps on top of her savings.

Featured Reader: Joyce, NM
Joyce talks making do and clever reuses.

Featured Reader: Bee, NV
Bee tells how local ethnic markets, paying with cash and recycling save her money.

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