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Food Savings

Everyone's got to eat, but the frugal person knows how to do it for less – whether it's at the grocery store or a restaurant.
  1. Frugal Foods & Recipes (483)
  2. Preserving Foods (456)
  3. Utilizing Leftovers (52)
  4. Eat for Free (73)
  5. Grow Your Own Foods (43)
  6. Grocery Savings (68)
  7. Kitchen Printables (11)
  8. The Shelf Life of Foods (21)
  9. Cooking How-Tos (29)
  10. Eating Out (4)

Ingredient Substitutions
Out of an ingredient? Find a substitute in your pantry, and save.

Find a Pick-Your-Own Produce Farm Near You
Find a pick-your-own farm near you, and cut your produce costs.

Is It Still Good?
Avoid unnecessary waste by learning the shelf-life of common foods.

How Long is Buttermilk Good For?
Have a carton of buttermilk that's been sitting in the fridge for a while, and wondering if it's still safe to use? Here's your answer.

Does Honey Go Bad?
Wondering if your honey is still good? Here's the answer.

Dried Bean Cooking Times
A list of cooking times for various types of dried beans.

Best Apples for Apple Pie
Here's a list of the best apples to use when making an apple pie.

Learn How to Cook from Scratch
Real food tastes better, costs less and usually doesn't take any longer to make. Learn how to cook from scratch, and discover what you've been missing.

Dried Bean Math
Not sure how to measure dried beans? Here are some helpful conversions.

How to Keep Foods Fresh Longer
Tired of buying foods, only to have them go bad before you manage to get them eaten? Improper storage could be the cause. Adopt the following storage habits, and your foods will stay fresh days – if not months – longer:

Best Apples for Eating
Load up on apples while they're in season. Here's a list of the best apple varieties for eating fresh.

How to Tell If Eggs are Still Good
Have a carton of eggs that have passed their use-by date? Here's how to tell if they are still good:

Best Pumpkins for Pie
Planning to make a pumpkin pie? Here are the best pumpkins for the job.

How to Cook Dried Beans
Step-by-step instructions for cooking dried beans.

How to Soften Hard Brown Sugar
Has your brown sugar turned into a hard, useless mass? Here's how to make it useable again.

How Long are Dried Beans Good For?
Have some dried beans that have been sitting in the pantry forever? Find out if they're okay to eat.

Keep Cheese Fresh Longer
Here's a simple trick to keep cheese from molding before you've had a chance to eat it.

Keep Lettuce Fresh
Does your lettuce always go bad before you get it eaten? The problem could be the way you're storing it.

How to Proof Yeast
Wasting time and ingredients is never fun. Proof your yeast before you use it, and have fewer baking flops. Here's how.

How long is mayonnaise good for?
Wondering how long that mayonnaise will keep in the fridge? Here's the answer.

How to Tell If Baking Soda is Still Good
A simple way to find out if your baking soda is still good.

How long is butter good for?
Not sure how long you can keep that butter? Here's the answer.

How to Tell If Baking Powder is Still Good
A simple way to find out if your baking powder is still good.

How long is yeast good for?
Wondering if your yeast is still good? Here's the answer.

How long is sour cream good for?
Wondering if that sour cream that got shoved to the back of the fridge is still good? Here's the answer.

Does powdered milk go bad?
Wondering if that powdered milk that's been buried in the back of your pantry for ages is still safe to use? Here's the answer.

Is It Safe to Eat an Egg with a Blood Spot?
Find a blood spot in an egg? Here's teh scoop on whether it's safe to eat, what causes it and more.

Free Printable Recipe Binder
Use this free printable recipe binder to organize all of your recipes.

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