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Heat Your Home for Less

Keep your heating bill in check with these tips:

How to Save on Heating Costs
Keeping your home warm in the winter shouldn't leave you broke. Use these tips to save on heating costs.

Ways to Keep Warm (Without Turning Up the Heat)
22 ways to warm up without touching the thermostat.

Save on Heating Oil
Heat your home with oil, without going broke. Here are several tips to help you save on your heating oil costs:

How to Save Money on Propane
Heat your home with propane without going broke. These tips can help.

Save Money on Firewood
If you heat your home with a wood stove or fireplace, use these tips to save on firewood.

How to Season Firewood
Follow these steps to season firewood before you use it.

How to Tell If Fire Wood is Seasoned
Not sure if your firewood is seasoned yet? Here's how to tell.

Home Winterizing Checklist
Lower your energy bill and avoid costly repairs by winterizing your home.

Keep-Warm Sewing Projects
Save on your heating costs by sewing these projects designed to keep you and your home warm.

What Are You Doing to Save On Heating Costs?
Share your best strategies for keeping your heating bill down.

How to Use a Window Insulation Kit
Learn how to install window insulation, and cut your winter heating costs.

How to Insulate Electrical Outlets and Switches
Cut out drafts by insulating behind your electrical outlets and switches. Here's a video how-to.

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