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Household Savings

Saving on household expenses includes learning how to spend less on energy and utilities, appliances and cleaning supplies.
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  2. Cleaning Tips and Recipes (56)
  3. Energy and Utilities (63)

Create a Household Notebook
Ready to frugalize your home and your finances? Use these free printables to create a household notebook with everything that you need to get the job done:

Easy Ways to Save on Household Expenses
Does your household budget need a trim? Consider these seven sources for savings.

How to Make Things Last Longer
Tired of replacing razor blades, printer cartridges and other household essentials at every turn? Here's how to make those must-haves last longer:

Home Inventory List
Use this free home inventory list printable to document everything in your home.

Get Ready for Winter
Don't let the winter weather catch you unprepared. Here are seven things that you can do now to get ready for winter:

Make Printer Ink Cartridges Last Longer
Tired of shelling out for printer cartridges? Employ these simple tricks and your ink cartridge will last longer:

Top 7 Ways to Save on New Appliances
In the market for new appliances? Check out these cost-saving tips before you shop.

Use Home & Garden Sweepstakes to Renovate, Remodel and Beautify Your Home
Itching to update your home, but short on cash? Sweepstakes could be the answer.

Save Money on Newspaper Subscriptions
You could be paying more for your newspaper than you have to. Use these tips to get a better deal.

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