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How to Make Things Last Longer

Simple Tricks to Extend the Life of All Your Stuff


Tired of replacing razor blades, printer cartridges and other household essentials at every turn? Here's how to make those must-haves last longer:

Shampoo and Conditioner

Store bottles upside down to prevent the shampoo or conditioner from getting stuck at the bottom of the bottle. When you can't get any more out, add a few capfuls of water, and shake.


Man squeezing toothpaste onto toothbrush
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Once you've squeezed out as much toothpaste as you can, cut the tube open with a pair of scissors, and you'll have enough for several more brushings.

Tip: Store the cut tube in a plastic bag between uses to prevent dry out.


Dry the blades off after each use, and they'll stay sharp longer.

Shower Gel

Apply your shower gel to a loofah, instead of to your skin, and a small squirt will produce endless lather.


When you get to the bottom of a tube, use a lip brush or a Q-tip to get at the remaining lipstick.

Tip: Scoop your lipstick leftovers into an empty lip gloss pot for easy on the go use.

Bar Soap

Unwrap your soap and allow it to dry out for a couple weeks before you use it. Why? Because dry soap doesn't dissolve as fast when it comes into contact with water.

Hand Soap

Purchase a foaming hand soap dispenser, and turn your regular hand soap into foaming hand soap. You'll be amazed at how far you can stretch one bottle of soap.

Dish Soap

Pick up a second foaming soap dispenser, and use the same recipe to turn your dish soap into foaming dish soap.

Laundry Detergent

More detergent doesn't mean cleaner clothes, it just means more soap residue on your clothes. Try using half as much detergent as the manufacturer recommends, and you probably won't even notice the difference.

Spray Cleaners

Set the spray nozzle to the lowest mist setting. Less coming out means less being used.

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