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Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill


Does your monthly cell phone bill send you into shock? It doesn't have to. Here are fourteen ways to save money on your cell phone bill.

Make Your Calls for Free

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Get more mileage out of your minutes by making free calls whenever you can. Viber, Skype Mobile and Textfree are all free apps that allow you to call anyone else who has the app for free.

Track Your Talk Time

Do you go over your minutes each month? Then, it's time to start tracking your talk time. Sign up with overmyminutes.com, (a free service) and you'll receive an e-mail or text message to let you know when you're about to run out of minutes.

Use the Same Plan as Friends and Family

Many cell phone service providers offer free in-network calls or allow you to choose a small group of in-network friends and family that you can call for free. So, get all of your most-called people on one plan, and you could save big.

Don't Use Your Cell Phone for Toll-Free Calls

Toll-free calls aren't free when you make them from a cell phone; so save your 1-800 calls for times when you access to a landline. After all, being put on hold is painful enough when you aren't paying for it by the minute.

Don't Use 4-1-1

Dial 4-1-1 from a cell phone, and it could cost you $1 or more. Crazy! Fortunately, you can skip the charge and still get the information that you need by calling 1-800-GOOG-411, a free 4-1-1 service provided by Google.

Another free 4-1-1 number to try:

Bundle Services

Move all of your services – cell phone, cable/ satellite, Internet and home phone to one provider, and you're likely to be rewarded with a bundled service discount.

Go Prepaid

If you only use your cell phone for occasional calls, a prepaid plan may be the cheapest service option for you. Shop around, and you could spend as little as $20 every three months. Now that's a deal!

Pick a Plan that Matches Your Talk Times

Do you make a lot of calls in the early evenings? On the weekends? Mid-day? Examine your phone habits; then, pick a plan that best matches them.

Switch to Unlimited Texting

Text messages can cost 10-cents a piece (or more) to send and receive. Youch! If you do a lot of text messaging, a plan with unlimited text messages is definitely the way to go.

Use a Free Texting Service

Or go one better, and switch to free texting. Heywire and Textfree are two free apps that allow you to send texts and pictures for free.
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