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Best Paid Survey Sites in Canada


If you're a Canadian looking for paid survey sites that you can trust, this list is for you. All of the following survey companies are well-known and well-respected:

1. Global Test Market

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Earn points each time you complete a survey. Then, cash in your points for a cheque or a PayPal deposit.

2. Survey Head

Share your opinion; then, decide how you want to be rewarded. Survey Head offers cash, gift cards, magazine subscriptions and more. There's even an option to donate your earnings to charity.

Bonus: Get $5 just for signing up.

3. Insightrix: SaskWatch

If you live in Saskatchewan, you'll want to check out Insightrix's SaskWatch. It pays out in cash or donations to a Saskatchewan charity.

4. Harris Polls

Harris Polls is one of the most highly-regarded survey companies in the industry. Answer their surveys, and they'll reward you with HIpoints – a currency that you can convert to cash, Amazon gift cards and prizes.

5. MySurvey Canada

Join one of Canada's oldest survey companies, and earn airmiles, cash, gift certificates and other prizes.

6. Neilsen Homescan Canada

Scan all of your household's purchases with the free scanner that they provide. Each time you upload your weekly report, they reward you with points that you can "spend" on items in their catalogue.

7. Lightspeed Consumer Panel

Earn Lightspeed Points for most of the surveys that you complete (the number of points depends on the length of the survey). Then, redeem them for cash, gift certificates or prizes. Their catalogue has hundreds of options to choose from.

Disclaimer: Since this article is about survey sites, you'll probably see survey companies advertised on this page. Do not take that as an endorsement. Research all companies fully before sharing any personal information.

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